How Is The Digitex Futurex Chart

The second fund raising stage will be DGTX demand 1,000,000,000 (one billion) tokens in total. 70% of the total will be given to the public, 10% to the treasury, 10% to the insurance, and the remaining 10% to the Digitex Future team. 1 Digitex Futurex price is 0.04 USD.

Users who want to Digitex Future buy sell, which is currently in the second fund collection stage, can make their transactions through exchanges such as HitBTC and Mercatox.

What Is Digitex Futurex

Digitex Futurex is known as no-commission futures trading on the cryptocurrency exchange. The use of tokens eliminates the need for transaction fees. The stock market also meets its costs by producing and selling these tokens every year. Digitex Futurex digital money stock market allows the users trading on this platform to trade easily in uncontrolled accounts without paying any transaction fees. This platform combines decentralized accounts with reliability and speed in the central order matching engine. In this way, the transactions are not only centralized but also become safe and fast. Users can also perform their transactions without stock market delays and costs that cannot perform real time transactions.

Digitex Futurex works with Plasma core team at the most advanced point in blockchain technology. Transactions that can be registered simultaneously to the Ethereum side chain are realized thanks to the integration between Plasma and Digitex Futurex stock market.

Advantages Of Digitex Futurex

Digitex Futurex token is DGTX base currency. Users should use this token to access the market without supervision and commission. Because as DGTX demand continues, the transactions on the stock exchange are performed with zero transaction fees. Instead of charging fees, Digitex Futurex cryptocurrency exchanges DGTX every three months. Thus, it covers costs transparently. The stock exchange works smoothly in all web browsers. Interface support provided by Digitex provides ease of use. And this interface is built on a multi-tiered software, combined with blockchain in the background.

In the first phase, over 5 million dollars were collected in the ICO, which was completed in 17 minutes on January 15, 2018. The second and still ongoing phase is the sale of Digitex Treasury tokens that last until the end of 2021. The third Digitex sale will start in 2022.